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Help Advance Immigration Reform–Contact Your Representative Today!

When the Supreme Court struck down the so-called Defense of Marriage Act, they changed immigration law in this country. Finally, same-sex binational couples are treated equally by the federal government.

But this did not end our work to advance immigration reform. LGBT asylum seekers — fleeing from countries where their sexual orientation and/or gender identity leaves them in desperate fear of persecution and violence — are often ineligible for protection because of arbitrary filing deadlines. Families of LGBT undocumented immigrants continue to be torn apart by deportation due to our broken immigration system. Thousands of vulnerable undocumented youth, including LGBT DREAMers, still have no pathway to legal status and limited access to higher education.

When it comes to immigration, we need real solutions that uphold our nation’s values and move us forward together. We need a system that’s fair and effective for everyone, and practical solutions to fix our broken immigration system, in order for immigrants to participate fully in our communities.

It’s critical that the House takes action on comprehensive immigration reform that includes: a pathway to citizenship, family reunification, the DREAM Act, protections for asylum seekers, and protections for vulnerable detainees.

Here at Equality Pennsylvania we are working hard to achieve immigration reform, but we need your help to move the House into action.

Contact your U.S. Representative now, and tell them it’s time for the House to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Just call the Capitol switchboard and ask to be connected with your Rep: (202) 224-3121 and use the sample script below:
“I am from [City, State]. As a member of the LGBT community, I urge [Member of Congress’ name] to support immigration reform in the House. As a constituent, I ask that the Representative fix our nation’s broken immigration system with reform that includes a pathway to citizenship, family reunification, and the DREAM Act, as well as protections for asylum seekers and vulnerable detainees.”

The Senate has already passed immigration reform; now, it’s up to the House. Thank you for helping us keep the pressure on Pennsylvania’s congressional delegation!

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