Stand up for Obamacare!

As many of you know, Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act, dramatically increased health coverage for the LGBT community. Since the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, millions of LGBT people have had access to coverage and have been protected from discrimination in care. And now, the Trump administration and Republicans in Congress are planning to take that away.

For LGBT people and people living with HIV, getting health care is not easy. While there are the typical barriers of cost, there is also the prospect of discrimination and lack of competency in care. The Affordable Care Act removes those barriers by declaring that health insurance companies and medical providers could not discriminate against LGBT people and put funding into place to provide training to increase competency. And as a result, we as a community, have seen a dramatic rise in coverage–and better health outcomes.

This law has had a real and important impact on the quality of our lives. And now, we must stand up to protect it.

If you get your insurance through the Affordable Care Act either through the Exchange or through Medicaid, please click here to tell us your story.

With your permission, we will share your story with Senator Toomey to ask him to block the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

No matter where you get your health insurance–Call Senator Toomey today at: (717) 782-3951.

Let him know that being protected from discrimination in health care is important to you and we must not repeal the Affordable Care Act.

I will be in Harrisburg today speaking out about the Affordable Care Act and if I get your story today, I may be able to share it at the press conference. So click here to tell us your story!

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