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LGBTQ Nondiscrimination Legislation Re-introduced for the 7th Time in 14 years

Harrisburg – Today, Rep. Dan Frankel (D) introduced the PA Fairness Act (HR-1410). The Senate bill, SB-613, was introduced by Senators Pat Browne (R) and Larry Farnese (D).

Ted Martin, Executive Director, Equality Pennsylvania, pointed out, “While we are very grateful to champions like Rep. Frankel, Sen. Browne, and Sen. Farnese, this will be the seventh time that nondiscrimination legislation has been introduced in the Pennsylvania legislature in fourteen years, or seven consecutive legislative sessions. How much longer do LGBTQ Pennsylvanians have to wait for simple and basic fairness? This delay is intolerable and easily remedied with long overdue legislative action.”

Polling shows that an overwhelming majority of Pennsylvania voters support protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination. And, in 2016 and 2017 so far, seven municipalities have passed local nondiscrimination ordinances. The 43rd ordinance in Pennsylvania passed last week in Camp Hill.

In the last legislative session small and large businesses, faith leaders, and allies of the LGBTQ community contacted their legislators to show support for the legislation.

“LGBTQ people and their allies will continue to demonstrate the overwhelming support that is out there for passing this legislation. We hope that this is the year that the legislature finally supports LGBTQ Pennsylvanians who deserve the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families free from discrimination,” Martin concluded.

Equality Pennsylvania thanks the co-sponsors of PA Fairness Act in 2017:


Dan Frankel D-23

Brian Sims  D-182

Ryan A. Bizzarro  D-3

Kevin J. Boyle D-172

Matthew D. Bradford D-70

Tim Briggs D-149

Vanessa Lowery Brown D-190

Donna Bullock D-195

Thomas Caltagirone R. D-127

Mike Carroll D-118

Morgan Cephas D-192

Carolyn T. Comitta D-156

Scott Conklin D-77

Dom Costa D-21

Paul Costa D-34

Angel Cruz D-180

Mary Jo Daley D-148

Margo L. Davidson D-164

Tina M. Davis D-141

Jason Dawkins D-179

Madeleine Dean D-153

Daniel J. Deasy D-27

Pamela A. DeLissio D-194

Frank Dermody D-33

Maria P. Donatucci D-185

Michael J. Driscoll D-173

Florindo J. Fabrizio D-2

Isabella V. Fitzgerald D-203

Marty Flynn D-113

Robert Freeman D-136

Ed Gainey D-24

John T. Galloway D-140

Marc J. Gergely D-35

Neal P. Goodman D-123

Patrick J. Harkins D-1

Kate Harper R-61

Jordan A. Harris D-186

Carol Hill-Evans D-95

Aaron D.  Kaufer R-120

Sid Michaels Kavulich D-114

William F. Keller D-184

Patty Kim D-103

Stephen Kinsey D-201

Brian Kirkland D-159

Leanne Krueger-Braneky D-161

Maureen Madden D-115

Joseph F. Markosek D-25

Robert F. Matzie D-16

Stephen McCarter D-154

Joanna E. McClinton D-191

Daniel T. McNeill D-133

Dan L. Miller D-42

Gerald J. Mullery D-119

Thomas P. Murt R-152

Michael H. O’Brien D-175

Eddie Day Pashinski D-121

Christopher M. Rabb D-200

Adam Ravenstahl D-20

Harry Readshaw D-36

James R. Roebuck D-188

Mark Rozzi D-126

Steve Samuelson D-135

Michael H. Schlossberg D-132

Peter Schweyer D-22

Jared G. Solomon D-202

Michael Sturla D-96

John Taylor R-177

Curtis Thomas D-181

Greg Vitali D-166

Perry Warren S. D-31

Katharine M. Watson R-144

Jake Wheatley D-19

Rosita C. Youngblood D-198


Pat Browne R-16

Larry Farnese D-1

Scott Wagner R-28

Charles McIlhinney R-10

Jay Costa D-43

Vincent Hughes D-7

James Brewster D-45

Anthony Williams D-8

Daylin Leach D-17

Lisa Boscola D-18

John Sabatina D-15

John Yudichak D-14

Art Haywood D-4

John P. Blake D-22

Sharif Street D-3

Wayne D. Fontana D-42


History of support for nondiscrimination from the last legislative session:


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