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Hillary Clinton for President of the United States

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See Hillary’s full platform on LGBT Equality

Read the press release announcing Equality PA’s support of Secretary Clinton

Over the last eight years under President Obama, the LGBT community has made historic gains. From the end of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, to the national victory of the freedom to marry, to federal guidance protecting LGBT people from discrimination in the workplace, our community has taken many steps forward.

However, though these gains were hard-won, there is still far more work to do, and there are candidates seeking our country’s highest office that would seek to repeal and eliminate the progress marked by the Obama administration.

We need a president who will fight for us—not only to prevent attacks on our hard-won gains, but also as a partner in advancing equality in the long run. Equality PA is proud to be supporting Hillary Clinton for these reasons and more. We’re with her—because she’s with us.

“The LGBT community has made tremendous strides in advancing equality and I have been proud to stand side by side with LGBT Americans as an ally in the fight to make sure their rights are recognized, affirmed, and defended,” said Hillary Clinton. “I’m so proud to have the endorsement of Equality Pennsylvania in my campaign because they have been on the front lines of the battle for LGBT equality in Pennsylvania for decades and as President I will continue the work of breaking down the barriers that hold too many Americans back.”

On the Issues:

Protection from Discrimination:

Hillary Clinton has called passage of the Equality Act, a comprehensive piece of nondiscrimination legislation pending in Congress, her “highest priority.” Her website says that in addition to supporting legislation, she will use her executive authority to expand protection from discrimination and “support efforts to clarify that sex discrimination includes discrimination on the basis of ‘gender identity’ and ‘sexual orientation.’”

LGBT Rights Abroad:

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton delivered a landmark speech in Geneva on International Human Rights Day in 2011 declaring “gay rights are human rights and human rights are gay rights,” echoing a speech she made defending women in China in 1995. Additionally, Sec. Clinton created the first ever Assistant Secretary of State for LGBT Affairs, worked with the UN to pass the first ever UN Resolution on the Human Rights of LGBT Persons, and launched the Global Equality Fund to support programs advancing LGBT equality around the globe.


In 2011, Secretary Clinton announced an international plan to create an AIDS-free generation, which included a commitment to an additional $150 million in U.S. funding by 2015. She has proposed capping out-of-pocket expenses for people living with HIV/AIDS, and expanding access to PrEP.

Transgender Rights:

As Secretary of State, Clinton made rules changes that allow transgender Americans to more easily change gender markers on their U.S. passports. She has called out violence against transgender women, and she laid out a plan to curb violence against the transgender community, including by improving the ways that government collects data about crimes committed against transgender people.

Broad Support:

Equality Pennsylvania joins several other LGBT groups supporting Hillary Clinton, including the Human Rights Campaign; Equality PAC, the political arm of the Congressional LGBT caucus; and, in Pennsylvania, the Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club of Philadelphia. Read more about the Human Rights Campaign’s endorsement here:

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