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Equality PA Endorses Tom Wolf, Bipartisan List of 76 Legislative Candidates

We will work with every elected official who will help us to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. – Ted Martin, Executive Director, Equality PA

Harrisburg –Today Equality PA endorsed Tom Wolf for Governor and a bipartisan list of 76 legislators. All of the candidates have exhibited a commitment to equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and have agreed to prioritize the passage of Equality PA’s number one legislative priority: updating the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act to include LGBT people in discrimination protections in the workplace, housing, and public accommodation. (Full endorsement list below.)

Equality PA Executive Director Ted Martin described the endorsement process, “We had conversations with many candidates, Democrats and Republicans, and we are assured in all of our endorsed candidates’ commitment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. We will work with every elected official who will help us to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.”

Equality PA will invest resources into specific races to ensure that LGBT champions are reelected to continue their work to pass a nondiscrimination bill in Pennsylvania. The top two priority races are Senate District 10, Charles “Chuck” McIlhinney (R) and House District 158, Chris Ross (R).

President of the Board, Jessica Rothchild detailed the in-depth process for the gubernatorial endorsement saying, “When we sat down with Tom Wolf to talk about the issues, he heartily agreed with us and made firm commitments to take important steps to advance LGBT equality such as working with the legislature to pass nondiscrimination protections early in his Administration and instructing state departments to include LGBT people in their programming and work plans.”

Rothchild added, “Wolf even went so far as to add that he is particularly concerned about the treatment of transgender people in the prison system and wanted to work with us to help fix that problem. That impressed us and we were very enthusiastic to endorse him and support his campaign.”

Tom Wolf responded to the Equality PA endorsement saying, “I am proud to accept the endorsement of Equality PA. In recent months, we have seen incidents of discrimination around the state and a horrific hate crime in Philadelphia. The LGBT people of Pennsylvania cannot wait any longer to be recognized as equals in the commonwealth. As governor, I will work to make Pennsylvania more equal and fair by promoting legislation that includes sexual orientation and gender identity and expression in our nondiscrimination protections. I will make it my priority to get to work as soon as I become governor with supportive legislative leaders on both sides of the aisle to make progress on this issue that many of us agree on. I will also work to pass legislation that would make violence based on sexual orientation or gender identity and expression a hate crime. I will be a vocal advocate for the rights of all Pennsylvanians to be treated with dignity and respect.”

Equality PA will dedicate resources and volunteers to Tom Wolf’s campaign in the coming weeks.

The following is a list of the Equality PA 2014 General Election State Legislative endorsed candidates: (Download the Equality PA voter guide here.)

Patrick Harkins, House District 1- Incumbent*
Florindo Fabrizio, House District 2- Incumbent
Ryan Bizzarro, House District 3 – Incumbent
Frederick Sheeler, House District 5 – Open Seat
Charles McIlhinney, Senate District 10 – Incumbent
Robert Matzie, House District 16 – Incumbent
Pat Browne, Senate District 16 – Incumbent
Adam Ravenstahl, House District 20 – Incumbent
Dom Costa, House District 21 – Incumbent*
Dan Frankel, House District 23 – Incumbent*
Ed Gainey, House District 24 – Incumbent*
Dan Frankel, House District 23 – Incumbent*
John Kane, Senate District 26 – Open Seat
Daniel Deasy, House District 27- Incumbent
Steven Santarsiero, House District 31 – Incumbent*
Frank Dermody, House District 33 – Incumbent*
Paul Costa, House District 34 – Incumbent*
Marc Gergely, House District 35 – Incumbent
Harry Readshaw, House District 36 – Incumbent
Brian Kresge, House District 37 – Challenger
Dan Miller, House District 42 – Incumbent*
Wayne Fontana, Senate District 42 – Incumbent
Jesse White, House District 46 – Incumbent
Pam Snyder, House District 50 – Incumbent
Michael Muha, Senate District 50 – Open Seat
Jonathan Ruth, House District 68 – Challenger
Matthew Bradford, House District 70 – Incumbent*
Josh Maxwell, House District 74 – Open Seat
Michael Hanna, House District 76 – Incumbent
Mike Fleck, House District 81 – Incumbent*
Jordan Harris, House District 82 – Incumbent*
Kevin Schreiber, House District 95 – Incumbent*
Mike Sturla, House District 96 – Incumbent*
Patty Kim, House District 103 – Incumbent*
Kelly McEntee, House District 105 – Challenger
Marty Flynn, House District 113 – Incumbent*
Frank Farina, House District 115 – Incumbent
Mike Carroll, House District 118 – Incumbent
Gerald Mullery, House District 119 – Incumbent
Eileen Cipriani, House District 120 – Open Seat
Eddie Pashinski, House District 121 – Incumbent
Mark Rozzi, House District 126 – Incumbent*
Michael Beyer, House District 131 – Challenger
Mike Schlossberg, House District 132 – Incumbent*
Dan McNeil, House District 133 – Incumbent*
Steve Samuelson, House District 135 – Incumbent
Robert Freeman, House District 136 – Incumbent*
Leslie Altieri House District 138 – Challenger
Tina Davis, House District 141 – Incumbent*
Karen Chellew, House District 145 – Incumbent
Mark Painter, House District 146 – Incumbent*
Mary Jo Daley, House District 148 – Incumbent*
Madeleine Dean, House District 153 – Incumbent*
Steve McCarter, House District 154 – Incumbent*
Warren Kampf, House District 157 – Incumbent
Chris Ross, House District 158 – Incumbent
Thaddeus Kirkland, House District 159 – Incumbent*
Whitney Hoffman, House District 160 – Challenger
Leanne Kruegar-Braneky, House District 161 – Challenger
Vince Rongione, House District 163 – Open Seat
Margo Davidson, House District 164 – Incumbent
Greg Vitali, House District 166 – Incumbent
Brendan Boyle, House District 170 – Incumbent*
Kevin Boyle, House District 172 – Incumbent*
John Sabatina, House District 174 – Incumbent
Angel Cruz, House District 180 – Incumbent*
Curtis Thomas, House District 181 – Incumbent
Brian Sims, House District 182 – Incumbent*
Bill Keller, House District 184 – Incumbent*
Maria Donatucci, House District 185 – Incumbent
Ronald Waters, House District 191 – Incumbent
Louise Bishop, House District 192 – Incumbent
Pamela DeLissio, House District 194 – Incumbent*
Rosita Youngblood, House District 198 – Incumbent*
Jill Bartoli, House District 199 – Challenger
Stephen Kinsey, House District 201 – Incumbent*
Mark Cohen, House District 202 – Incumbent*

Italics – Member of the LGBT Community
* – Member of the LGBT Caucus
NOTE: All endorsed incumbents are co-sponsors of SB or HB 300.


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